Welcome to the website of real estate investor, developer, and consultant Sam Zherka.

Sammy Zherka enjoys more than 30 years of success in real estate, particularly with commercial properties and multi-family housing units. His passion for creating value has led him to generate hundreds of millions of value in assets for clients who are developing their portfolios through renovations, capital improvements, and value added amenities. He has completed more than a hundred transactions in the industry, tapping vast capital from large-scale investors time and time again.

With a solid track record that speaks for itself, Sam Zherka has become a preferred client of top commercial lending institutions in the Northeast. Known for being a man of his word, Sammy Zherka has always lived up to the terms of his agreements with lenders. His astute strategies and natural entrepreneurial abilities have guided him through poor markets, thus he has been able to thrive through several business cycles in his career.

Despite emerging as a savvy businessman and real estate investor, Sam Zherka also has a heart of gold. As a humanitarian, Sammy Zherka has donated his time and efforts to support causes he believes in. Because of his deep desire to help improve the lives of others, he has raised money for the homeless, volunteered at soup kitchens, and donated presents to the non-profit organization Toys for Tots. He has also provided homeless individuals with free housing. Sam Zherka proves that one can be a successful businessman without forgetting to give back.

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