Sam Zherka is a real estate investor, developer, and consultant with over 30 years of success in commercial properties, multi-family housing, and corporate and finance structuring. Sammy Zherka has proven to possess a “Midas touch”, creating value in the commercial property and multi-family residential properties he has invested in. With his keen ability to identify and develop new markets, Sam Zherka has been able to tap upside potentials and seize opportunities in real estate even in poor market conditions.

Because of his sharp business acumen and natural ability to get along with others, Sam has been able to generate vast capital from large-scale investors time and time again. Sammy Zherka credits his success to his strong work ethic, which he inherited from his father, and his desire to improve the quality of life of those around him. He has raised money for the homeless, contributed to soup kitchens, and donated toys to the non-profit organization Toys for Tots.

Sam Zherka closed his first deal at the age of 17; since then, he has completed 100+ commercial transactions in his career, which spans three decades. His track record is solid and impeccable, gaining influence with industry insiders from the top commercial lending institutions in the Northeast, such as the Executive Vice-President and Chairman of the Commercial Real Estate Committee of Signature Bank, George Klett.

Klett is one of the most active commercial lenders in the Northeast, “I have known Sam Zherka for about 12 to 13 years and originated loans on 25 to 30 properties totaling over $100 million. He has always lived up to the terms of all of our agreements. He is a knowledgeable real estate investor and keeps his properties well maintained. I consider Sammy Zherka a valued client and I am always eager to provide financing on his properties. He is savvy enough not to over-leverage his buildings, therefore in a poor market he is able to continue to make his mortgage loan payments.” Klett said of Sam Zherka last September 2015.