When it comes to how and where he spends his time, Sam Zherka is quite selective. What Sammy Zherka has observed in many startup owners is that they are reckless about how they spend their time. This careless disregard can mean lost opportunities. For Sam Zherka, time is even more important than gold, because you can never regain wasted time. Just as you are frugal with your money, be frugal with your time, too. This is often one of the first things that Sammy Zherka reminds startup owners.

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This advice isn’t just for the owners; it should be applied to everyone on the team as well. Understandably, you would want to get as many leads as possible and turn those leads into sales. For Sam Zherka, the key is to manage your daily schedule.

One of the essentials of effective time management is delegating tasks. As the startup owner, you may be inclined to do everything yourself, but Sammy Zherka wants to remind business owners that this is what your team is there for. Why hire a team if you’re simply going to do everything yourself anyway? Your team is there to support you and help you grow your business, so trust in their ability to perform the roles they were hired to fill in.

Further, Sam Zherka adds, filling your schedule to the brim could mean being too exhausted to give your best in everything you do. In other words, Sammy Zherka says, spreading yourself too thin could result in a decrease in the quality or level of your performance.

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Know that inefficient time management affects the various aspects of your business. For instance, poor service quality could lead to unsatisfied customers, which could lead to losing valued customers to the competition. Without customers, your business will eventually fail. That’s a fact of business life, and one that you should care to remember if you want to stay in the game, says Sam Zherka.

An important part of effective time management is meeting with your team regularly to delegate tasks, discuss operations, check the progress of tasks and/or projects, and talk about other details of the business. It’s essential that everyone on the team is always on the same page to ensure that no task is left undone or in some cases, done twice over by two different members of the team. Communicate, communicate, communicate, is what Sammy Zherka always says to his own team.