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A real estate investor, developer, and consultant, Sammy Zherka cut his teeth early on, when he closed his first real estate deal when he was 17. Having closed more than a hundred commercial deals in his careers, which span three decades, Sam Zherka would like to give back to the industry he built his wealth on. He wants to do this by sharing helpful tips and advice, including his thoughts and insights on the inner workings of the industry.

Thus, this blog will contain business advice and motivational advice by Sam Zherka. Who better to guide budding real estate investors than a seasoned and successful real estate investor? Some of the topics readers can hope to come across on this page are buying real estate and developing real estate, as well as the finer details of creating value in real estate. Because Sam Zherka has ventured into both commercial and residential real estate, he will also delve into both segments, fleshing them out so investors can have a good idea of what they’re signing up for.

More than anyone, Sammy Zherka understands the intimidation young real estate investors feel. Often, investors learn through a trial and error approach. That is why it is the hope of the real estate investor to complement investors’ learning through this blog. If there’s anything specific you’d like to ask about real estate to Sam Zherka, feel free to touch base with him on this website. He would be more than glad to hear from his readers and how his sage advice has done wonders for their portfolios.

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Sammy Zherka has had a rewarding career as a real estate investor and this success is precisely what drives him to be more generous with his resources. As a philanthropist and humanitarian, Sam Zherka has raised money for the homeless and contributed to soup kitchens. His big heart has also inspired him to dress up as Santa Clause to cheer up children during the holidays. Now he would like to leave a big impact on young real estate investors and entrepreneurs. He hopes you’ll follow this blog and be as passionate as he is about real estate.

Stay tuned to this page for updates; Sammy Zherka has a lot of surprises and insightful material in store for readers, all of which will be unveiled in due time.

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