Sam Zherka has mastered the art of creating value, no matter what type of business he’s set his sights on next. With more than 30 years of experience as a real estate investor, Sammy Zherka has developed a business acumen that many would envy.

It’s lonely to be an entrepreneur. Only people who have mustered enough courage to resign from their jobs and start their own business will understand the hardships business owners go through. Sam Zherka finds that many young entrepreneurs struggle with motivation the most, probably because the business isn’t performing as well as they hoped, among other reasons. Here are some ways to stay motivated that have worked for Sammy Zherka:

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1. Stick to a routine – Don’t be fooled by the flexibility business owners enjoy. They may be at liberty to wake up at any hour of the day, but when it gets down to it, all that free time they supposedly enjoy are taken up by an endless list of responsibilities. This is why Sam Zherka advises entrepreneurs to find a routine that works for them and stick to it. Having a routine will do wonders for their productivity as well.

2. Count your little wins – Goal setting is often emphasized at the start. After all, how can business owners gauge their progress if they don’t know what to achieve? As much as goals are important, however, they may also be a cause for concern and anxiety, especially when entrepreneurs aren’t hitting their targets. One remedy to this, as advised by Sammy Zherka, is to count little wins. For instance, if your goal is to hit a six-digit revenue and time is already running short to achieve this, look at other metrics to see how your business has grown, like how many new customers you’ve added to your email list, or how many new followers your business has on social media.

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3. Keep good company – If there’s one piece of advice Sam Zherka could give both young and seasoned business owners alike, it’s to always keep good company; surround yourself with positive and successful people – people you look up to and inspire you to keep at it. As the saying goes, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” so it’s crucial these people possess traits that help bring out the best in you.

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