Sam Zherka is an astute businessman. Everyone who knows him says that he has the “Midas touch,” because of his talent of turning any business idea into gold. His successes did not come without hardships though—nothing was served to him on a silver platter. This is why Sammy Zherka took it upon himself to help aspiring entrepreneurs. He believes that everyone deserves to achieve their dreams and reach their highest goals. And if that meant helping pave the way for others to start their own business, he wouldn’t think twice about doing it. This post is the first entry of his startup series. Sam Zherka hopes that what he shares here will give budding entrepreneurs a head start.

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For Sammy Zherka, there are two key ingredients to building a startup: passion and purpose. To have one without the other could potentially lead to failure. Not that failure in any endeavor is a bad thing; it’s just that if you start something without the basic ammunition, you’re setting yourself up for failure. With that said, Sam Zherka asks; “What are you passionate about?”

Are you passionate about cars, art, technology, gardening, cooking, or drawing perhaps? What is it about these that make you feel so strongly about them? In other words, Sammy Zherka says, what makes these things desirable to you? Find the object of your desire and start from there. It’s not enough, Sam Zherka warns, to want something; you’ve got to have a deep desire for it. A “want” could be a passing fancy, but desire is much stronger and runs deeper.

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Let your desire lead you to your purpose.

It’s not enough to be passionate about something; you must have a purpose too if you want to give your startup the chance to survive. What is your number one goal for building a startup? Is it to make money? If your only goal is to make money, Sammy Zherka warns that your business could fail. Why? Because if you only think about it in terms of generating profits, you’re neglecting one of the most critical factors in business success: your audience. Furthermore, Sam Zherka warns, when your purpose is attached to instant gains, your business model is centered around a short-term goal. In other words, it’s not sustainable.

Think of your purpose as something good that you will give to your audience. How will you enhance their lives? How will they benefit from what you are offering? If you find that purpose, profits will follow. Consider profits as the incentive to the good that you will be doing, and you’ll be giving your startup a far better chance to not only survive, but to thrive.

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