This page will provide more information about the businesses Sammy Zherka has been involved with. A  real estate investor and developer, Sam has mastered the art of creating value in real estate, pioneering renovations, capital improvements, and value added amenities. He has bought and developed several commercial and residential properties in his career, which span more than three decades. As a success consultant with a focus on real estate management, Sammy Zherka has helped unlocked millions in assets for his and his clients’ portfolios.

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Because of his impeccable track record, Sam Zherka has managed to build deep and strong relationships with top commercial lenders and large-scale investors through the years, including Manhattan Savings Bank, Bankers Federal, Dime of Williamsburg, Elmbank Capital, North Fork Bank, Capital One, Signature Bank, Investors Savings, and German Financial. Thus, Sammy Zherka has been able to generate vast capital for himself, his clients, and his business endeavors whenever needed, such as financing many restaurants in Manhattan and Long Island. Given that the industry has huge overhead expenses, Sam has helped these establishments stay afloat through tough economic times.

Aside from being a successful real estate investor and developer, Sam Zherka is also an accomplished businessman. He has owned and operated several night club entertainment businesses spread out across the five boroughs of New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island). These businesses have helped him hone his creativity and business acumen, staying attuned to the demands and trends of the market environment.

With his stellar accomplishments, Sam Zherka has become a motivational speaker in the business community as well. He has served as an inspiration for countless budding young entrepreneurs and investors over the years, and has been instrumental in the financial success of others. He is also an active humanitarian.